The Story



Generations ago, our founder's family immigrated to America and settled in an emerging Kentucky. Purchased and divided among four members, the initial 500 acres of rolling territory became ROSSLANDS – the foundation of a new life.

Today, our studio reflects the spirit of our ancestors, not only through nomenclature, but through the drive to create a better life and the passion to develop new fields of opportunity. We are confident in our collective knowledge, experience, aesthetic, and muscle, to create and deliver an amazing production.



First and foremost, we are most critical of ourselves and our work – delivering the high-quality product that we can within our means. And so, we always strive for the most understandable, empathetic, focused, and extremely well-designed content – while effectively creating or accurately reflecting our client's brand equity and message.

As long-time designers – with experience freelancing and working at large design firms – we are familiar with the industry's history and trends. Still, from the layman to the PhD in Art History, there are tiers of performance in which things generally lie.

We always strive to deliver work that sits on the top step.



Our studio is founded by Matt Hunter Ross, a designer with over 15 years of professional experience working with a range of clients – from the world's largest companies and brands to exciting startups and small businesses. He has extensive working knowledge of traditional and digital art techniques combined with an exercised knowledge of design history and trends.


Elizabeth – Designer & Project Manager.




Vicki – Photographer & Office Manager.

Her extensive, award-winning stint as an editorial photographer is just the tip of the "talent iceberg". With experience as a bookkeeper, editor, and corporate AA to multiple "Fortune 500" VPs, she keeps things perfectly in line here. She's also a classically-trained artist and musician, having performed at DAAP, Carnegie, May Festival, et al.


Inktober Day 1_Matt Hunter Ross.png

To round out our crew, we collaborate regularly with a small group of hand-selected designers that meet our high standards. Additionally – for large-scope projects – we pull together the best team available from our national network of independent artists and designers, specifically aligned to our client's project type.



We're currently transitioning between spaces, but we are still open to collaborating directly or remotely, dependent upon our client's availability. If a desk doesn't work or our offices transcend space and time, we've arranged space on the interwebs for convos and project management to bridge the gap.

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ROSSLANDS is a great collaborator and shares space well. In addition to its primary duties, it's also the parent studio of Schoolhouse Stock City Revisited, and dedicated partner to Chestnut Street Market, among many other studios & agencies.