OVerall, we have experience with a range of project types, but we prefer to take on cases that will allow us to tell a complete story. We offer a broad palette of techniques formulated to create well-rounded design efforts – from the inception of your company or as further development of your existing brand equity.

From commercial animation to event videos to mobile UI/UX design to motorized window displays (et al), our team is experienced in delivering upmarket digital and analog creations to give your project the depth and uniqueness that it deserves. Specifically, we have delivered design & animation projects within the following folds:

Video / Motion  •  Window Displays  •  Mobile & Web UI  •  Marketing Collateral


What is your working process like?

First, we like to work on projects where there is an opportunity and allowance for us to deliver the most thorough and creative outcome – based on a client's trust and the expectation of a portfolio-quality production, no matter the intended end use.

Our process varies dramatically based on the project's type, design, platform, and many other variables. First, we'll deliver a unique proposal for your project, followed by detailed procedurals based on your needs (once officially contracted). This is a clear and concise roadmap of the processes involved, their timelines and all associated costs, to alleviate any confusion before, during, or after production. That being said, there are general milestones that cover most project types:

Research & Concept Development  >  Story & Boards  >  Design & Asset Creation  >  Production  >   Cleanup  >  Delivery


How LONG will IT TAKE to COMPLETE my project?

The length of time for the production of a project depends explicitly upon the guidelines expressed by our contract negotiated at inception. Though generally, the schedule will reflect budget and/or the requested delivery date.



Financials are subject to the project type, scope, and overall timeline.

We will outline a cost analysis for the project, negotiate the terms to suit your needs, and then draft a detailed, mutually-approved, itemized budget prior to the start of production. We are willing to work within the confines of your predefined budget, if needed.


are there incentives or discounts available?

Yes! We love happy customers and are willing to extend allowances based on your satisfaction. These incentives may be the result of repeat customers, extensive contracts, and solid referrals (word-of-mouth marketing, hard leads, and even sales commissions), among other yearly marketing efforts.


Any other questions, comments, or concerns?